Welcome to a new age of learning. We offer literacy development instruction personalized to your child’s needs. Our programs all are culturally authentic and responsive; promoting mindfulness, and fostering academic integrity.


Educators and parents agree that the visible outcomes of participating in our programs include improved confidence, comprehension, and best of all curiosity. All of which are 21st Century Power Skills. 


Imagiread has been a trusted provider of culturally responsive literacy, development programming, and instruction for more than nine years. Our programs have been acknowledged and awarded for being community-centric and inclusive.


Built on the premise that mindful learning is real learning, our programs encourage navigation, comprehension, and acquisition using a unique text connection framework that fuses S.T.E.A.M. principles with core Social-Emotional Learning methods for a robust educating experience.


Serving a spectrum of neurodiverse and differently-abled children, we primarily guide learners ages 4-12 with the instruction, while supporting their community with the resources and tools to continue engagement.


With a variety of programs to choose from, learners create personal strategies that increase communication skills, creativity, and collaboration, preparing them for #thefutureofeducation and #thefutureofwork.

Our Values

The Imagiread

We don’t tout one-size-fits-all programming. Discover the Imagiread Difference and follow us on Social Media to decide for yourself if our programs are a good fit. 

Developmental Literacy for ages 5-8 and Literacy Transitions for ages 9-12. All programs are backed by our commitment to inspire learners to formulate and maintain text connections early on, while supporting the development of personal learning strategies. 

We call it The Imagiread Difference and it truly begins with acknowledging the skills, learning style and neurodiversity of each learner. It’s how we foster a true sense of inclusion and ongoing support. 

We never want cost to be a barrier for families. We’ve created dozens of resources and free online programs to support learners and their families. Learn more via our YouTube channel

We’re currently seeking families with learners ages 9-12 to participate in a beta experience for a new learning tool. Interested families can sign up for free below. 

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