Imagiread’s Wheel of Imagination

Recently we put together a year in review post that outlined what we accomplished in 2020. In it, we referenced the release of our Wheel of Imagination and how it acts as the foundation of all of our programming. The Wheel was designed by Imagiread’s Head Imaginarian, Mrs. Tiffany, during her many years of classroom… Continue reading Imagiread’s Wheel of Imagination

Imagiread’s 2020: Year in Review

2020 was quite a year. Despite the ups and downs, we managed to accomplish much more than we anticipated. Here’s what we did: January 2020-Multicultural Children’s Book Day! Early on in 2020, we participated in the big linky #ReadYourWorld day and were fortunate to read and review 10 Gulab Jamuns written by Sandhya Acharya. The… Continue reading Imagiread’s 2020: Year in Review

1,2,3, Imagiread!

We’ve got an out of this world announcement!

Introducing”In Other Words” Wednesdays

Scholars are “out of school” for the holiday break and we want them to retain their literacy development skills. Of course, that begins with encouraging everyone to spend as much time in a balanced environment (i.e. reduced screen time, out in nature, engaging in hands-on play and learning) but it also involves suggesting a quick… Continue reading Introducing”In Other Words” Wednesdays