Summer brings change

Summer is officially in the air. Leisure reading gets its proper due, and fun and relaxation take precedence. Many would argue that it’s the best time of the year which is why we are delighted to announce a few changes ahead for Imagiread.

First up, a big THANK YOU to everyone who has supported our Meet the Author Series—missed one? Check them out on our YouTube channel as they will continue through the end of the year and finish strong with a big surprise. Stay tuned for that announcement.

Second, our Operation 10,000 Children Imagireading monthly drop-in is being officially upgraded to include Family Engagement. Starting immediately, we will begin hosting a series of workshops for families to tell us what they think about our new reading system. The workshops will be invite-only events that will include free books and materials. Sign-up starts July 11, 2021.

Third, we’re blown away by the incredible response to the release of our debut podcast, Imagiread with Me. With more than 1100 downloads, we are happy to announce that the next episode will be released on July 7, 2021. Don’t forget to subscribe for updates.

Fourth, to celebrate everything we have in the works we are preparing for another big giveaway that will be LIT! Entry will be super easy and well worth the suspense. Be sure to follow us on Instagram for details.

Fifth, after a long and intense conversation with the president of the African-American Literature Book Club, we’ve decided to disassemble our Bookshop account. Our page has been removed, and we are working to find another option that supports both independent authors and booksellers. Know of something? Please email us!

Lastly, we’re considering TikTok as a new home! The release of Imagiread’s new reading system must reach as many children as possible. We know that millions of children engage with TikTok daily, so we are looking for a young pro who can advise us on development and launch. They will be paid for their consultation and recognized in our year-end report. Interested parties should send us a direct message or email Mrs. Tiffany at

That’s it for now. Happy Imagireading Summer!

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