1,2,3, Imagiread!

Over the years, Imagiread has published various references and resources designed to help parents, educators, and community organizers better support literacy learners. Each of them has a common purpose; to illustrate thorough, practical, and easy ways to get readers reading more efficiently and with the utmost confidence.

We released our S.M.A.R.T. Learning System in 2018, The Wheel of Imagination in 2020, and now we’re ready to release the missing piece of the puzzle. Introducing…iRead W.I.S.E.

iRead W.I.S.E is the modeling piece that comes first and foremost. Previously known as Imagireading Today!, iRead W.I.S.E empowers readers to create strategies that account for their learning type and reading behavior. When applied, readers are equipped to assess, integrate, and reflect on the connections needed to relate, reason, and relay to text.

We’re launching iRead W.I.S.E. this month and will be inviting our Imagireading Family to join us for take off. Stay tuned for updates.

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