Introducing”In Other Words” Wednesdays

Scholars are “out of school” for the holiday break and we want them to retain their literacy development skills. Of course, that begins with encouraging everyone to spend as much time in a balanced environment (i.e. reduced screen time, out in nature, engaging in hands-on play and learning) but it also involves suggesting a quick and fun online activity.

Introducing “In Other Words” Wednesdays. Coined by Mrs. Tiffany, the stint asks Imagireaders to look at words in a different way, interchangeable and flexible, as they are in most scenarios. Not only will “In Other Words” reinforce vocabulary and spelling, but it’ll also hone in on context and comprehension.

Starting Wednesday, December 23, 2020, Imagiread will post one word on our website taken from Webster’s Compact School and Office Dictionary. Using the worksheet provided below, Imagireaders will write down the original word and then define it without using the dictionary’s meaning as the remix.

Ready to play? Download the worksheet below.


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