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Gender Specifics

I have said this before and I will say it again for those who may have missed the ardor, I absolutely love children’s picture books. I do because I believe that they are the most intense audio/visual learning tool available to us as parents and teachers. They not only give us variability but also freedom to customize our learning experiences with the notion that every child’s response to the incorporation will be different.

Of course I thought about that today while in a local bookstore. I skimmed the picture books as usual, snuk a read or two, browsed the latest toys (It’s my weekly escape :) and bumped smack dab into a rack with a showcase of “American Girl” titles. What grabbed me were several of the titles were illustrated diaries and workbooks that reinforced important social behaviors for girls. How cool? Totally cool if you ask me.

But by its cool factor, there is a downer I have to admit and that duals as a question and that is “What about boys?”

Eager to hear what the Imagiread audience thinks.


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