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Able to do

When we plan our day we usually plan such in an operation. We often times do the same for and where it regards to our children giving it another name, routine.

Routine can assist us in creating a foundation and discipline in many areas. Most of us know that having done something 10,000 times immediately promotes one to professional but what can routine do otherwise?

I thought about this as I engaged in conversation last week with a teachers’ aide. She explained that she had a friend who was mid-20′s who was illiterate. She made it a point to highlight that this young man was good with his hands and otherwise a witty individual. When I retorted that he wasn’t illiterate and that he reads by way of tactile involvement, I saw the light go on in her head. While I was glad this young man was mid 20′s, I couldn’t help think about another 85% of juveniles who have a “dealing” with the law who are also deemed functionally illiterate. They, whether we chose to agree or not, are products of routine.

Routine is wonderful to set a precedent but when it comes to reading we should be encouraged to read routinely but also read for an understanding. To assist The Imagiread Family in reading for comprehension I put together a short list of tips. They are:

  • Read materials that have a social responsibility expression so you and your child can relate thru stories of how to better handle everyday stresses.
  • Read basic materials aloud together like recipes, cereal boxes and food packaging labels.
  • If you have small ones and frequently eat out, always request a book instead of a meal toy. Ask your child what the story is about and ask him or her to replace the characters with you or them.
  • Read reference DAILY. Have several editions of dictionaries, encyclopedias and textbooks readily available make finding answers easy. Promote such by asking a question and finding the answer in a reference title together.
  • Choose and read a “quote of the day” together and expound on the meaning together

These are just a few. I love to hear what my audience is doing. Please share your literacy love with me and I will shout you out The Imagiread Way.




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