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The Road a-HEAD

Last evening I came home to reflect on the support I have been able to chart with my first release “It’s Water Time, Ma!” up until now. I found myself in a wonderful place of gratitude and felt the need to share such with those who have supported my endeavors.

I know now, more than ever, what it takes to put together a book. I chose to self-publish and launch my own publishing company because I need to own the lesson as a valuable one and seek to teach those who desire the same. This is the exact reason for this post.

Today, with new news of what may be ahead, I am having to reevaluate my plans. I thought of each of you as I needed you to know that you have done more than just fork over $10.00 for the exchange of my latest works but you have stood with me in my endeavors to change the world, one book at a time. I need you to know how imperial unity is and WHY it is destined to make a huge difference like no other. Your words of encouragement, congratulations and even questions about “what exactly I am doing” have all been the fuel that is so desperately needed to operate this caboose. Your belief is the key and I am so honored that you have sought this door to instill such.

I apprecialove each of you and encourage you all to share the gift of literacy with someone you love today. It is, in my mind, one that can never measure against any other for its statute.

The Stakes remain HIGH ya’ll. Stay there!

Tiffany Rachann


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